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Gold Nugget Spectacular

ГОРЯЧИЕ продукты

Spectacular Australian Gold Nugget with Gold Crystals

Spectacular Australian Gold Nugget with Gold Crystals. This is a super nice 20.5 Gram natural Australian Gold Nugget from the Bendigo Gold Fields of Australia. It has wonderful color and texture and has some spectacular eroded gold crystals. Along the top edge


Spectacular Large Natural Gold Nugget from Australia

Holding a heavy natural gold nugget like this in your hand is incredible. This gorgeous raw gold specimen is thin and flat with a huge surface area for the weight. It measures 1.6" long (40 mm). It is a truly spectacular Australian Gold Nugget at a great price, and it comes with a


Spectacular Natural Alaska Gold Nugget - It's Free!

Check out the beauty of this Alaska Gold Nugget with quartz inclusions. The weight of this beautiful gold specimen is 7.9 Grams (122 Grains) and is 7/8" long x 1/2" wide x 5/16" thick. This gorgeous Alaska Gold Nugget would make a wonderful jewelry piece.


Spectacular Gold Nugget Crystals Round Mountain

Gold Nugget Specimens like this usually sell for much higher prices than this, but I bought most of the crystalline gold nuggets in my collection years ago, so I can sell them for less. This incredible gold specimen is 1/2" long and weighs 34.3 Grains (2.22 Gram).


Shiny and Peculiar Natural Australian Gold Nugget

This is a spectacular natural Australian Gold Nugget that was found by a gold prospector using a gold detector in Australia. It weighs in at 2.1 Grams (32.4 Grains) and it measures 5/8" (16 mm) long. It has a very spectacular and unique texture and structure and it is jewelry/investment grade.


Gold Getter News: My Story Spectacular Gold Nugget

2015. 11. 12. A California man recently dug a spectacular gold nugget weighing 5.17. ounces in the mother lode region of Mariposa County, California. The. gentleman who found it made his discovery while using a metal detector to. look for gold nuggets in an area previously worked by the 49ers.


Spectacular Huge GOLD Nugget !!! Pepita ORO Grande

2018. 7. 16. Metal Detecting with the Whites TDI SL !! Old River Swimming Hole gives Huge GOLD Nugget !! My best Nugget EVER !! Gold Prospecting with Gopro Photography !!...


These MASSIVE Gold Nuggets were all found with Metal

The “Boot of Cortez” is another spectacular gold nugget that was found with a metal detector. It was found in the Sonoran Desert of northern Mexico back in 1989. Rumor has it that the miner was using a simple Radio Shack detector. This is the largest existing gold nugget that has been found in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth.


The Ausrox Gold Nugget The 3rd Largest in the World

The most recent jackpot found in Australia is the “Ausrox Nugget”, a spectacular chunk of gold that was found with the help of a metal detector. The Ausrox Nugget weighs in at around 51 pounds, roughly the size of a basketball but much heavier. It is currently the 3rd largest gold nugget


gold nugget spectacular