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Effect Of Gypsum On The Settlement Of Lime Slurry

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Effect of Gypsum Addition on the Mechanical and Microstructural

2021. 3. 12. On the other hand, a large amount of waste gypsum (i.e., phosphogypsum, fluor gyp-sum and flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) gypsum) tends to cause serious problems, such as land occupation, water pollution, particulate pollution and ecological destruction [17–19]. Very careful management is required if phosphogypsum is to be used as a construction


Study on Behavior of Soil using Gypsum

Gypsum not only dissolve in presence of water it also changes geotechnical properties of soil. In the current study effect of gypsum on Atterberg limits and compaction character tics of soil was studied. Different percentage of gypsum was added with a soil from Raipur to simulate the conditions of Gypsiferous soil.


(PDF) Optimization of lime treatment processes

Conventional lime neutralization technology effectively removes dissolved metals to below regulated limits. However, the metal hydroxide and gypsum sludge generated is voluminous and often


[Effect of a Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization System on the

However, the addition ratio varied significantly. The performance of the cascade scrubber lime-stone-gypsum FGD unit was best, with a lower addition ratio of 8.6%, which is attributed to the weaker evaporation of desulphurization slurry droplets in their second


Review on the effect of gypsum content on soil behavior

2015. 9. 1. The effect of gypsum on swelling pressure is studied and it is found that swelling pressure decreases with addition of gypsum. Adding of 6% gypsum to expansive soil in India, caused more than 60% reduction in the swelling pressure of the tested soil according to Ameta et al. (2008).



In investigation 4% lime was found to be the optimum percentage for soil stabilization which improves the settlement behavior of the soil. This composition of lime and soil can be used to treat the foundation soil of any structure which may decreases the possibility or risk of differential settlement.


Effects of several retarders on setting time and strength of

2020. 4. 20. The gypsum slurry was poured into the test mold quickly and inserted the slurry to remove the excess gas. The surface of the slurry is smoothed and moved to the Vicat apparatus, lower until the gypsum surface was in contact, and then the test rod was vertically and freely sank into the interior of the slurry, repeated the above operation.



2018. 11. 20. If hydrated lime or hydrated lime slurry is used instead of quicklime, drying occurs only through the chemical changes in the soil that reduce its capacity to hold water and increases the stability of soil. Modification: After initial mixing, the calcium ions (Ca++) from hydrated lime adsorb to the surface of the clay particles


Effect of calcium formate as an additive on desulfurization

2018. 5. 1. The results indicated that the addition of calcium formate in the lime-gypsum slurry could not only promote the dissolution of calcium carbonate, the formation of CaSO 4 and the growth of gypsum crystals, but also accelerate the migration velocity of SO 2 from gas phase to liquid phase and the absorption rate of SO 2 in the liquid film


effect of gypsum on the settlement of lime slurry