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Series Reducer For Vertical Mill

ГОРЯЧИЕ продукты

Industrial Gearbox Reducer MLX Series Vertical Mill

Features: 1. Bevel and planetary gears carburizing, quenching, grinding, gear profile modification, crack detection process, and gear tooth root shot blasting treatment. Optimized gears meshing accuracy, lower noise, and high efficiency. 2.


reducer for vertical mill

JLX-JLP series vertical mill reducer is mainly used for vertical mill of cement production line . and vertical medium speed of coal production line,as well as other industries. More


A vertical mill gear speed reducer has been developed

Developed by the Guomao Group, who has complete independent intellectual property rights of a GMLX60-02 vertical mill gear reducer, is in the completion of the assembly.After testing, its performance targets are met or exceeded design requirements. With weight 17.5 tons, an input power of 600 kilowatts of this vertical mill gear speed reducer, there is another notable feature is the use of


China Planetary Gearbox for Vertical Mill China Gearbox,

This series Bevel planet gearbox is mainly used for vertical mill of cement production line and vertical medium-speed mill of coal production line, as well as for other industries. JLP series gearbox adopts three-stage ( bevel-parallel shaft-planetary gearing) driving type. JLP series reducer


Significant Progress in Vertical Mill Series 6,800kW Dual

2021. 3. 15. The first MLXSS700M dual planetary vertical mill reducer, designed and manufactured by NGC, has recently left the factory! The machine was designed for slag grinding, with a power of 6,800 kW, and is the most powerful M series vertical mill gearbox that NGC has ever manufactured.


Vertical gear reducer, Vertical gearbox All industrial

worm gear reducer. AJ series. Power: 12 kW. Full Description Our series A junior worm gear range is available in 6 sizes with a capacity of 12 kW/ 950Nm. Covering a centre distance of 28mm to 86mm. All units are designed with hollow output bores, output


Gearbox/ MFY series gear reducer for central driving mill

2011. 7. 18. Glad to know you all.I am Vincent, working in the international department of Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. (NGC GROUP)...


Speed reducer for electric motor

5.k series speed reducer for electric motor has long service life: under the condition of correct selection (including selection of appropriate use factor) and normal use and maintenance, the life of main parts of speed reducer for electric motor (except


series reducer for vertical mill